Emilee 11 Months!

4 more weeks... the countdown is on! And so is birthday party prep. It's all things mermaid around here and I love it! It helps makes the sting of E turning one not hurt as much... because you can't be sad when there's a fun, over-the-top party to throw!

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To My Sweet Emmy Grace,

I didn't think I could love you any more than the day you were born, but each morning that I go into your room and see you standing in your crib, I love you more than the morning before. The minute you see mommy or brother you break into a huge smile and start jumping up and down - ready for the day!

You just recently started saying, "hi" in the most adorable voice ever. It's a soft, high-pitched, "hi" and I've been trying so hard to video you when you do it so I won't ever forget it. You can also say, "mama," "dada," "na," and "ball." Luke is a hard one so I've been trying to teach you brother or "bubba."

You can clap and wave with ease and you love to shake your head no and wave your hands in front of you to tell me "all done." And if I don't get the memo the first time, then you start throwing your food on the floor! When you wave it's with both hands and with wild abandon - like you do most things right now.

You're working on standing all by yourself and I've seen you do it several times for a few seconds. This has also resulted in your first shiner/bruise. If you look close you can see it in your pictures this month (right cheek). The family room recliner and your face got into a little fight a few days ago. Sadly, I think the chair won.

As of a week ago, we are all done with bottles. You drink your formula straight from sippys 4 times a day. And by this time next month, you will be drinking whole milk! It's hard to believe I probably bought formula for the last time yesterday. You love breakfast and lunch and dinner is still hit or miss. You eat pretty much everything (except avocado) but your favorites are puffs, waffles, pasta (specifically macaroni and cheese), meatloaf, and bread. Carbs and cheese are your jam!

You absolutely LOVE the pool. Well, any water for that matter. We had you in the pool last weekend and you were a kicking, splashing machine! Your hair was soaking wet from all the splashing you did. You will bend over in the bath and put your full face in the water... It's crazy! I think if I put you in the pool and let you go, you'd try and swim. (But I'm not taking any chances.)

You love to read books. You will pull all the books off the shelf in the family room and sit and page through your favorite ones. It's one of your favorite activities to do in the morning after you've had breakfast. You also love playing peek-a-boo and patty cake. Anytime I sit down next to you, you climb over to me and grab my hands, clapping them together which means play patty cake mom!

I almost forgot - teeth! Your two front top teeth are through the gums and you can now see them when you smile and laugh. It's adorable but it also makes you look older and mommy doesn't like that! You've been sleeping great since your teeth came in and we were able to stop your reflux medicine completely this last week.

Your beautiful red hair and bright blue eyes are conversation starters everywhere we go. Emmy Grace you are a true joy to be around and although I'm sad that you will be one next month, I can't wait to celebrate the precious gift God gave us one year ago! Daddy and I love you so very, very much!


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Friday Fun Facts: Emilee 47 Weeks!

New Milestones: More teeth! The bottom of both top front teeth have broken the surface. I feel like that's the most painful part since she's back to sleeping well again. She can also tell you "no" in context. If she's done eating or doesn't want anymore food, she waves her hands back and forth and shakes her head. It's adorable. 

Milestones I think she is close to: I'm hoping she will start standing on her own soon. She does it when she doesn't realize she's doing it but as soon as she notices she's standing unassisted she ever so slowly squats to the ground. 

Sleeping: I wrote that sleeping was great last week and then guess what happened?!!? I blame the teeth! Thankfully after a few nights of Tylenol we seem to be back to normal sleep habits. 

Foods: Not really a new food but E LOVES waffles. I make a big batch from scratch on the weekends and then freeze them for a quick breakfast during the week. She will eat 2 of the 4 squares (so half of a full waffle) all by herself! She also had her first taste of ice cream on Tuesday night. She scrunched up her face because it was so cold but then started screaming for more. 

Favorite activity/toy: My mom bought a pair of "chew beads" basically it's a baby-friendly necklace that mom can wear and baby can play with it, chew on it, etc. But since E is what I consider an "older baby" I put it around her neck (only when I can supervise her) and she will pick it up and chew on it. 

Best part about being a mom: I love watching her little personality develop. She's turned into such a little person lately. This really is my favorite age ever! 

This week we: went for a family ice cream outing and also had lunch at Chick-Fil-A with our friends. I also mailed her birthday party invitations. No turning back now - the big O-N-E is just around the corner!  I snapped a quick photo in the grocery store yesterday of E wearing her necklace because well, she's just too dang cute not to! 

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Friday Fun Facts: Emilee 46 Weeks!

As of today, August 1st, E has officially experienced all 12 months of the year. 43 days until ONE. I can't even... 

New Milestones: TEETH! The top right front tooth is the furthest along with the top left front close behind. I can also see the two top side teeth trying to make their way out. Looks like we won't have to get dentures for E after all... 

Milestones I think she is close to: Pointing?  

Sleeping: All quiet on the Western front, although I'm sure because I said that it won't be anymore. 

Foods: I definitely think we are in the middle of a growth spurt because I can't get the food onto her tray fast enough. She shovels it in at lightning speed. Breakfast and lunch are totally her jam while dinner is a bit hit or miss. Big brother was/is the same way. 

Favorite activity/toy: I watch E play all week and I think to myself, I need to remember she loves playing with (instert toy here) for FFF. And then it comes time to write it down and I forget. I'm sure it will come to me when I'm no longer trying to remember. 

Best part about being a mom:  It's funny, you spend the first 6 months of their life just waiting to be able to put them down and walk out of the room. And now that she totally goes to sleep on her own, I miss rocking her. I doubt she'd even let me do it now. Although she is a good little snuggler when we read our bedtime book. She always leans back and looks up at me when I first start reading. It's like she's checking to make sure I'm there. 

This week we: had a jam-packed weekend! Friday we had Emilee's (and Luke's for that matter) first beach trip! She wasn't a big fan of the sand so she stayed on the towel the whole time. Fine with me! (Less chasing!) We also had our annual fair trip with friends. 

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A Busy Beach Weekend

It only took 3.25 years, but Luke finally had his first beach trip. Yes, he's been to the beach and seen the ocean. Several times in fact. But this was his first go to the beach in a swimsuit to play beach trip. It's funny because Luke's first beach trip was to Laguna Beach when he was about 6 weeks old. And his first official beach playdate was also at Laguna Beach last Friday.

I joked that it was baptism by fire because it's not the most easy beach to get to in regards to parking and what not. But I survived. And the kids loved it. The whole 2 hours we were there. Ha! Emilee hated the sand so she stayed put on the towel the entire time and Luke was afraid of the ocean so he didn't go near the water. So I didn't have to worry about a crawling baby or a child being drug out to sea by a wave.

Luke had fun digging in the sand and playing on the playground and Em enjoyed watching everything going on around her. Luke really didn't like the "sky rats" (seagulls) and kept telling everyone, "I'm afraid of the birds." I can't blame them, they creep me out too. Mainly because I'm afraid I'm going to get pooped on.

Saturday, my parents took Luke to the circus. He had so much fun and came home with WAY too many souvenirs. What can I say? My parents are suckers when it comes to Luke.

Then on Sunday we made our annual trip to the Orange County fair with our friends. 2 hours and $55 later we were headed home for a LONG afternoon nap.

All in all it was a great, fun weekend. But I definitely could have used a weekend from my weekend when it was all said and done.
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Friday Fun Facts: Emilee 45 Weeks!

Why does 45 weeks sound so much older than 44? 7 weeks until the big O-N-E. But I'm actually not too sad. I remember when Luke turned one I thought he was "so big" but now looking at Emilee, I think she's still such a baby. And looking back at when Luke was 1, he was also still just a baby. Maybe whatever age Luke is will always seem "big" to me because he's my first. And when E reaches that exact age it will always seem not that "big" because she's the baby of the family and Luke will always be older... 

New Milestones: E is saying dada in context now. She asked for him Monday morning when I went to get her up for the day. We have a first words picture book that Luke loved as a baby so I've been reading it to Em almost daily. I point out all the objects and tell her what they are. Well yesterday I asked Em, "where's the baby?" And she looked at the page for a minute, found the baby with her eyes, and then put her fat little hand right on top of the picture of the baby! I was SO proud! 

Milestones I think she is close to: Possibly pointing - see above. 

Sleeping: A couple of nights where she was waking up 45 minutes after falling asleep. I blame it on her invisible teeth. 

Foods: We recently tried cantaloupe, which she loved. She also had her first meal out at a restaurant. She shared some of brother's hamburger and mom and dad's pizza at BJ's.

Favorite activity/toy: E LOVES books! Her favorite activity is to go over to our book shelf in the family room and pull each and every one down. She then will turn the pages herself on the sturdier board books. She will sit and let me read to her for a good 10 minutes or so. So different from Luke! He had no interest in books and no time to sit still to let me read to him. 

Best part about being a mom:  I love seeing my kids learn. When E pointed to the baby, it was just as awesome as the first day Luke did it. Just because I've been there, done that with one kid doesn't make it any less special with the second. It's awesome when they hit milestones. 

This week we: attempted our first ponytail... I think it was a success! 

We also discovered brother's stash of cars and trucks! Good thing she has a birthday coming up soon - she needs some princess toys!

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Friday Fun Facts: Emilee 44 weeks!

Another Friday, another week of FF. It's hard to believe I started crafting for her first birthday party. Yes, it's a sickness, I know. But this is my last first birthday I get to plan PLUS she's a girl. I told Chris he can pretty much throw all words like "low-key, small, and budget" out of the window. It's like a sweet sixteen... but she's only one. Haha.  

New Milestones: Nothing new to report here.  

Milestones I think she is close to: Standing up, walking, more than 2 teeth... I sound like a broken record. Please Em, just pick one of these things and do them so I have something new to brag about. 

Sleeping: Sleep has been rough since we've been fighting a cold the past week. And we've fostered a small habit at bedtime. E will wake up anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour in and cry. I would just go in and rock her back to sleep. Bad idea. Girlfriend's got me wrapped around her finger. So this past week we had to institute a little cry it out. It was only one night and only for 35 minutes. But I almost died. I don't know how any parent could last much longer. Thankfully it only took one night of "it's bedtime, we mean business, we aren't coming back in." No more wake ups. 

Foods: E's new favorite food - garbanzo beans! I think she would eat the whole can if I let her. 

Favorite activity/toy:  Em is all girl and loves to look at her self in our closet mirrors. She stands up and "talks" to the baby standing in the mirror. It's hilarious! 

Best part about being a mom:  Em is so cute she makes my teeth hurt. It's good we aren't having anymore because I don't think a third could be any more cute than E already is. She's definitely my favorite daughter. ;-) 

This week we: had play date with all our friends. It's been SO long since the wolf pack was all together so it was extra fun. 

We were at the grocery store yesterday and a lady commented how cute Em was and then started talking to her. I told Em, "say hi" and with no hesitation, she says clear as day, "HI." I was shocked! And was so was the lady! I've been trying to get her to say it ever since with no such luck. But still cute regardless.

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Emilee 10 Months!

Double-digits! It's hard to believe that in just 8 short weeks E will be ONE! Girlfriend was ALL smiles on Friday when I was snapping her pictures. She has been fighting a small cold so I didn't know how she would do but she was a total ham! Luke was with daddy at Knott's so Em and I had the day to ourselves. We had the best time taking her pics and playing around. I had to laugh a little because I used to think ONE child was SO hard. Now? It's a breeze!

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To My Sweet Emmy Grace,

8 more weeks and you will be ONE. Time sure does fly when you're having fun. And that's definitely what you are - FUN. You are the happiest baby I know. I thought your brother was an easy/happy baby and that it didn't get much easier. I was wrong. You smile and laugh and squeal - every day with you is a new adventure! The only time you fuss is if you are hurt or we aren't paying enough attention to you. Typical girl.

You started waving two days ago. I think you've actually been waving for awhile now but I didn't realize it was waving. You lift both hands up high and shake them vigorously - it's adorable! You also shake your head and say "na." You can say mama, dada, ya, and ba. I haven't counted a "first word" officially yet though.

You are zooming around the house crawling still and getting more brave standing. You can let go and stand for a few seconds by yourself and I saw you go from squatting to standing not holding onto anything. I still think you will be crawling by your first birthday. 

We are eating table food for all 3 meals now and you love it. You're favorite things are meatloaf (both turkey and beef), cheese, black beans, blueberries, banana, and zucchini. You take 2 sippys a day and 2 bottles a day. Although we are taking away one more bottle starting next week. You can work a straw sip like a pro and I just recently started giving you a snack and some water after morning nap. 

You absolutely adore your big brother. No one can make you smile bigger or laugh harder. You watch every single move he makes when he's in the same room. You love playing with his blocks - especially the tiny ones you shouldn't have. Any chance you get you go crawling into his room to try and play. You love to climb all over daddy and have him fly you like an airplane after dinner at night. And your favorite thing to do with mommy is "shake your wiggles out." You love splashing in the bath (or pool) and you think it's funny to snort like a pig. 

Bedtime has been a struggle due to teeth, sickness, or reflux we aren't too sure. You no longer get a bedtime bottle and that seems to be going ok but you have been needing a few extra snuggles the past week. And you're my very last baby so I'm totally ok with it. Still only 2 teeth but those top teeth should be coming any day now... but I've also said "any day now" for months. You hair is getting so long and every where we go people comment on how pretty it is. Mommy is totally jealous of all the volume you have. 

I don't think it's possible but you get more cute with every day that passes. I love seeing your little personality develop and I can't wait to see what things interest you and what you have a passion for. You complete our family in every possible way. Daddy and I love you so much baby girl.


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