Emilee 4 Months!

It's hard to believe another month has come and gone already. I thought the months went by fast with Luke... they are going by at lightning speed with Emilee. Which means Luke is getting bigger faster as well. Emilee is entering my most favorite baby stage. I know baby food is a love it or hate it kind of thing and well, I love it! I love the age where they are still semi-cuddly but are big enough to do things like sleep through the night and laugh. 

We went to the doctor today and had our 4 month check-up. 14 lbs 11 oz and 25 inches long! Not quite the beast her brother was (or her mother - 17 lbs and 26 3/4 long say what?) but still 75% for both height and weight. The doctor commented on her "activeness" and asked if she was always moving around? Um yes. She's a chill baby but when girlfriend is awake, she is AWAKE. 

And of course she neither rolled over, talked, or smiled for the doctor which she does constantly at home. She doesn't spend more than 5 seconds on her back without flipping over... except at the doctor's office. 15 minutes flat on her back. High maintenance, this one! 

To My Sweet Emilee,

Happy 4 months baby girl! Mommy is LOVING this age you are at. You are such a happy, relaxed baby. You smile a TON but man are you a tough nut to crack in regards to laughing. You really make daddy and I work for even a little giggle. I just tell daddy that girls are more complex and not as easily amused as boys. Ha!

You started sleeping 12 hours at night consistently. You've had a few nights where you have needed a little 3pm snack but for the most part you have the night sleeping down. You sleep on your right side and suck your thumb - it's adorable. The only downside is you sometimes roll over onto your stomach and then scream because you can't get back to your back.

Which brings me to milestones. You can roll back to belly (to the right only) but not belly to back. You smile, laugh (sometimes), and are OBSESSED with your feet. As evidenced by the pictures above. They are constantly in your hands and often times in your mouth! You love to practice standing even though you still aren't sure about your jumperoo. Anytime we have you propped up sitting against something, you do this crazy ab crunch and try to sit up on your own (also seen in the pictures above).

We are still in size 2 diapers but I have a feeling the next box I buy will be size 3. You are wearing all 6 month clothing now and it's sad to say that even some 6 month sleepers are starting to get a little short.

You have discovered how much fun Sophie giraffe is to chew on and we never leave home without her. You also have a musical snail that Auntie Jenn bought that you love to play with. Your hands are constantly in your mouth and you are chewing on anything and everything. It's hard to believe but I think teeth are on their way - crazy!

We started cereal this past week because you were downing formula like nobody's business. I think the verdict is still out whether you actually like it or not. You end up wearing 95% of what I give you but it keeps you happy and quiet while the rest of the family eats dinner, so it's a win in my book... Even if you aren't really eating any.

We love you so much Emmy Grace and I can't imagine life without you!


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She is so precious!!

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