Friday Fun Facts: Emilee 17 Weeks

It's hard to believe 4 months is right around the corner... as in 3 days! We don't see the doctor for our 4 month check-up until next Friday so full 4 month letter coming soon after that but for now just some fun facts to hold you over.

New Milestones: Emilee is grabbing at things like crazy. She also found her feet a few weeks ago and I forgot to document it. Same with laughing. Oops. 2nd child syndrome.

Milestones I think she is close to: I know it's crazy but I really believe she's close to sitting. She actually almost has the "tripod" sit down...which is WAY earlier than Luke ever did it. She would much rather sit than be laying down on her tummy. I think it's because she likes to look around and she can see more from a sitting position.

Sleeping: E is out for the night by 7pm and Luke is close behind her at 7:30pm so it's nice to have our adult time back again. E sleeps 12 hours straight more often than not lately. But there are a few random nights where she will wake up around 2-3am for a little 4 oz snack. Hopefully once we start cereal she will drop this middle of the night feed completely.

Favorite activity/toy: She loves to play with her burp cloths, well any blanket really. But her burp cloths are always close because girlfriend is a spitter. She also just started taking an interest in Sophie giraffe. She loves gnawing on her head. Teething perhaps?

Best part about being a mom:  I love seeing her smile and laugh. She is becoming so much more alert and talkative. Boy can this baby talk! I think Luke might have some competition on his hand for the chatterbox award once she finally is able to say real words.

This week we: went back to the daily grind after all our holiday fun. It was hard getting back into the swing of things but routine is always welcome in this house.

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ashleethom said...

what a sweet, sweet baby. I love her headwrap. so darling.

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