Friday Fun Facts: Emilee 20 Weeks

I think I got everyone up to speed yesterday about all things not related to our Missy Moo so here is Em's weekly update:

New Milestones:  E has started blowing bubbles or "raspbits" as Luke calls them. Also known to everyone else as raspberries. It makes it real interesting at feeding time. In goes a bite of cereal and out it comes a few seconds later. As if she wasn't a messy enough eater already.

Milestones I think she is close to: I'm trying to work with her on sitting - she does this crazy ab crunch in the bath to try and sit up but she's definitely not strong enough yet. She's also really into tummy time lately so I imagine her getting up on her knees sometime soon.

Sleeping: E is a SOUND sleeper. I put her down in the middle of playdate yesterday and she didn't even move. I couldn't believe it considering all the screaming kids running around. She sleeps from about 7-5am. 5am is NOT ok. I could do 6am. 6:30 would be even better. But I guess beggars can't be choosers at this point as she is sleeping a solid 10 hours.

Favorite activity/toy:  Nothing new to report here - she has a TON of toys in her closet from Christmas that are for ages 6 months and up. I imagine we will be busting a few of those out soon.

Best part about being a mom:  Recent events have made me realize how blessed we are with these 2 precious lives. I definitely don't deserve any of this amazing life I have, but boy am I thankful. God chose to give me not one, but two, of what I believe to be the most amazing kids on this planet. (I might be just a bit biased.)

This week we: had a special Valentine's play date with all our friends. Of course with 2 kids now, I managed to get ZERO pictures. Oh well. We also had our baby friend, Emery over to play. We haven't seen her since the girls were like 6-8 weeks. Time is FLYING by!

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Breanna said...

She is seriously beautiful :) It's amazing how fast they grow, isn't it? :)

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