Emilee 9 Months!

Something must happen in your brain when your baby turns 9 months old. It's like all the crazy harsh realities of the newborn stage are softened and you reminisce on what it would be like to have a baby again. I think my uterus will forever ache a bit from here on out. I know our family is complete and I DO NOT wish to go back to those newborn days but man, it tugs at my heartstrings to think about the excitement of a new life. But that ship has sailed and it's on to a new chapter in this whole "family" thing. Seasons are just that - seasons. Not forever. And that can be a good thing and a bad thing. It's truly bittersweet.

To My Sweet Emilee Grace,

Oh child. Where do I even begin? It seems like I write these letters every 4 days not every 4 weeks. You are getting ridiculously big and so fast. I swear it's because you see your brother zooming around the house and your desire to be just like him that is kicking your milestone accomplishment into overdrive. It's ok to stay little for awhile longer, I promise!

You are an official crawler now and boy, are you fast! You get around like an old pro and you love chasing your brother. And let's face it, he loves when you chase him! You are also pulling up on everything and anything. You finally figured out how to pull up in your crib - looks like we need to find a new place for the monitor stat! You can clap, give kisses, and shake your head no.

All of this major gross motor development has led to some night wakings. That and a healthy dose of separation anxiety. You have been put down for naps and bedtime wide awake for months now and been fine but just recently have started to protest. I think you've finally realized it's more fun to stay up and awake.

We started table food this week and you are loving it! You are a big fan of cheese (who isn't?) and love chicken and black beans too. It's quite the mess but you are getting the hang of it. You're still a big fan of puffs and would probably eat the whole canister in one sitting if we let you. We will be taking away your bedtime bottle next week. It scares me a little since bedtime is already a bit rough right now but we will survive.

You still only have 2 bottom teeth and I've been so sure for months now that more were right around the corner and now I'm not so sure. I think you might just have 2 teeth forever. And that's ok with me. I love your gummy, two-teeth grin. You have found your voice and love to scream at the top of your lungs - especially in the mornings when I'm not getting your breakfast ready fast enough.

You love your brother and your daddy so much. You love to climb all over dad after dinner - he's your own personal jungle gym. Your hair is SO close to it's first official pony tail! Your red hair and ice blue eyes might be my most favorite thing on earth. I'm totally biased because I'm your mom, but I think you are the most beautiful baby I've ever seen.

Oh and I almost forgot, you moved up in size 4 overnight diapers so I'm sure size 4 during the day won't be far behind. Just another reminder of how fast you are growing!

Speaking of growing, we went to the doctor today for your 9 month check-up and you weigh 18 pounds 5 ounces and are 28.25 inches tall. 45% for weight and 75% for height - long and lean! You got a finger prick and one shot and you didn't even flinch! Such a brave girl! It's hard to believe the next time we will be at the doctor will be for your one year check-up.

Emmy Grace you are such a sweet, fun baby. God truly blessed us all when he gave us you. You complete our family in so many ways. Your daddy and I love you.


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Breanna said...

I cannot believe she is 9 months old already! What a gorgeous little girl! :)

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