Friday Fun Facts: Emilee 42 Weeks!

First off, Happy 4th of July! I just realized this is Em's last first holiday. Unless you count Labor Day. Which I don't. But maybe I will now that I know this is the last first holiday in the Thomas house. So bittersweet. 

New Milestones:  E has successfully mastered how to use a straw. I practiced with her for a few minutes at dinner when we were in San Diego and she picked it right up. I was shocked! 

Milestones I think she is close to: Our upper gums are very bulgy and I can feel her two front teeth right underneath them. Now to just get them to break through! 

Sleeping: E was a champ last weekend in San Diego. I was worried about her going to bed this week since we moved her bedtime bottle up to dinner starting Monday night, but she put her thumb in her mouth and went right to sleep. I think mommy had a harder time with it than E did. Random fact: E only sucks her right thumb. At least I've only seen her suck the right one. It's downright adorable. But probably won't be when she's 5. Thankfully she only does it when she's tired or hungry. 

Foods: We have one more day of breakfast puree and then it's 3 meals a day of table food. I'm on a mission to use up every last cube of baby food in my fridge. I've only got a little bit left! We tried strawberries this week and E gobbled them right up! 

Favorite activity/toy:  Sophie has become a recent favorite again - probably due to those top teeth coming in. Pretty much anything E can chew on... including mom's fingers. Ouch! 

Best part about being a mom:  It's so fun to see her personality develop. And man, does she have one! She's observant and chill when she wants to be and yet loud and fierce when she needs to be (like when brother is up in her face). 

This week we: took our first family vacation. We also moved bedtime bottle to dinner and made it a sippy. So E gets 2 bottles and 2 sippys a day. I have a feeling bottles aren't going to be around too much longer as she much prefers the sippy cup. 

And since it's the 4th, nothing says 'Merica like a red-headed baby in some red, white, and blue...

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A Brew of Blessings said...

She is just adorable! Happy 4th to your sweet family, enjoy her first holiday + take way too many pictures!

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